Sales Training, Presentation Tips, Public Speaking Training, Hindi

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  1. Kamran Khan says:

    i really needed to learn how to start perfect and effective presentation….. Thanks FocusWith Tokas

  2. Jayesh Pise says:

    awesome …. :).. sir im pusuing mba (marketing).. im from non IT background but i like this video :)

  3. Ravi Agnihotri says:


  4. tarun yadav says:


  5. atul gupta says:

    very nice energetic& learning video … thanks .. can you suggest me how to deliver effective training ? 

  6. Ankit Singh says:

    ur 2 gud sir

  7. Sanjib Das says:

    Nice presentation I liked it, after all I am consultant.


    Very good video , Thanks for post…

  9. GANESH DHARI says:

    thank u dost aapne itani achhi video banayi

  10. Aakansh Gupta says:

    Hi…I am working with an IT advertising company who helps SME’s in their promotions & branding, & I am an fresher. our product is an conceptual product. Help me out how do I start my Sales meeting & convert the client to take our paid services???

  11. LiveSupport24hours says:

    nice… great video

  12. RaviKant Patel says:

    Sir koi bhi client ko apne taraf connect karne ke liye kin kin cheejo pe jyaada dhyan dena padta hai and, How to bring a new words in action while having a communication with a client.

  13. Adribo SoftSolutions says:

    Really its helpful tips sir. but i dont know hindi. is there any videos in english only?

  14. UMESH WANI says:

    thanks sir..nice vdo.

  15. Chirag Gohil says:


  16. Pradeep Pandey says:

    Bahut Khub….Sir ji..

  17. dileep k singh says:

    superb tip

  18. pradeep rawat says:

    Fantastic Sir but sir i have money problem so i cannot subscribe but you are fantastic 

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