The Sexcessful Workshop Seminar

The Sexcessful Workshop Seminar
Event on 2015-01-11 17:00:00
Introducing:The Sexcessful Workshop Seminar

Effective Skills for Designing, Marketing and Presenting Sexuality Workshops that change the world.A nine-week online program designed to support you through the process of creating a quality content, well-attended and financially sustainable sexuality workshop.  

Who is The Sexcessful Workshops Seminar For?

This workshop is for you if you are a sex educator, health educator, kink presenter, sexuality professional serious about designing amazing workshops.  

You may have experienced: 

  • The disheartening feeling of offering an amazing sexuality class, and not getting enrollment that would make the class really fly  
  • Not getting new clients out of your class offerings
  • Pouring your heart into an offering, and not getting well paid (or paid at all) for your time and energy
  • Receiving negative feedback about a class you offered
  • Needing support to feel confident in your presenting and marketing skills. 
  • Having solid content and teaching but you are unable to fill the room
  • Needing support to level up your teaching skills 
  • Getting ready to offer your first sexuality class, and not knowing how to make it successful. 

Why do you need The Sexcessful Workshop Seminar?

It gives you the Knowledge, Structure, and Support you need to be a Sexcessful Workshop leader!


There are many hidden factors that go into a sold-out sexuality class or workshop and make it an experience that participants rave about! I’ve done my homework. I’ve studied pedagogy and classroom management for years. I have a Master’s degree in Education. I’ve done loads of marketing training. I’ve done extensive learning through my (ahem) many failures. I’ve created a structure to support sex educators like you become sexcessful teachers and entrepreneurs, getting the clients, cash and recognition you deserve, while changing how the world feels about pleasure and sex.


When things are broken down into small, sequential tasks, folks are often able to keep moving ahead without getting stuck. This program is a structured process that will help you avoid overwhelm, and keep you moving towards your goal: Your amazingly sexcessful workshop


When we truly know someone has our backs, we can relax and stretch our wings a bit further. Knowing that I’m here, supporting you to be wildly successful, will allow you the freedom to push your own edges, knowing there’s a safety net if you fall. Having the right kind of support in which we feel held and gently encouraged often makes all the difference between making an effort that is good, and really reaching for the highest, best thing we can do.

In this 9-week program you will learn:

  • How to pitch your workshop so that exactly the right people show up
  • How to write hot marketing copy that speaks to your ideal student
  • How to clearly articulate the purpose and intentions of your class
  • How to clearly articulate the benefits of your class, so they are the answer to the question your ideal student has
  • How to develop a marketing strategy using social media, blogs, networking, print materials, publications and online calendars
  • How to develop high quality, original content
  • Charisma skills
  • Classroom management techniques
  • How to make your workshops be a place where your students meet you and develop a relationship with you as their trusted advisor, and then later flow into your private practice
  • How to differentiate in a saturated market, rather than compete
  • How to structure curriculum that is engaging, well-timed and experiential
  • Hold learning as it happens over time, and support the integration in your students
  • How to create safer containers so that students feel safe to relax vigilance and engage with new ideas
  • How to give permission effortlessly, so that your students can adjust the material to meet their own needs
  • To read what’s happening in the room and make sure your students are staying engaged
  • To deal effectively with disruptive students who are trying to meet needs in the class that are not within the class container
  • To make your teaching relevant so that it serves the needs of your students
  • The biggest mistakes sex educators make, and how not to make them! 

This program may be a fit for you if: 

  • Long for professional support as a workshop leader
  • Are willing to work hard to create a successful sexuality workshop
  • Know that the world needs what only you can bring
  • Are fed up with superficial sexuality workshops that are about profit, not people
  • Are ready to get crystal clear about your intentions in your work, roll up your sleeves and make it happen.

Discount for new sex educators. 
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